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Approved Proposals

Approved Startups/PoC/Patent

Indus Center for Startups, Incubation and Innovation has opened the call for proposals for Startup/Proof of Concept Level (PoC)/ Project/Patent Grants. Indus University students with a dream of converting their innovative ideas into successful startups and who wish monetary support, mentorship support and/or Co-working space were invited to apply. After receiving the proposals, two levels of presentations viz., review presentation and scrutiny committee presentation were scheduled and following are the listed Startup/PoC/ Patent Grant which has been approved and grants have been released.

Sr. No.
Name of StudentTitle of ProjectType of Grant
1Kalash ShahKashStartup
2Hit PancholiBionic HandPoC
3Rakshak NagarAapka GarageStartup
4Samarth SisodiyaAvianotic DronePoC
5Vineet RajputDesign and Fabrication of Street Divider Painting MachinePoC
6KalpaJyoti KunwarShubharambhStartup
7Sumit VachaniElectric Paddle MovePoC
8Dhiarya OzaV.ODNE1sStartup
9Dhiarya OzaV.ODNE1sPatent
10Aayush DoshiSocius LMSStartup
11Akshat ShahDielectric ElastomerPoC
12Ruchir ParikhSolar Still with rotating DiscPoC
13Khush ShahBeyond GradingStartup
14Harit TrivediHeavy Lift Drones-Next Gen DesignPoC

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